Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Knorr Foods: In store advertising

The new year celebration here in Vietnam is known as Tet.  When I started shooting here, I suddenly found myself creating a lot of advertising for the holiday.  All of the major companies create ads because of the popularity of it all.  It is kind of like Christmas and the entire country shuts down to recognize it.  For this ad with Knorr, the basic idea was to show a family in a warm setting like the kitchen where families always come together.  The little girl is dressed in traditional vietnamese holiday clothing known as an ao dai.  She is passing food to her grandmother which is a symbol of two generations making a connection.  The mother is standing behind her approvingly to ad the third generation to the equation.  Kind of like a "passing of the torch" so to speak.  The mother has a look of approval as she is assumed to have taught her daughter the correct manners of catering to the elders and showing respect.  The final shot was all done in one frame but when used in the stores, the background was stripped out for the brand color green. I saw these point of purchase ads in every shape and form in every grocery store in the city.  Seeing stuff like this used in real life never gets old.

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