Thursday, May 8, 2014

Creative Direction for Harper's Bazaar: Chloe

The fashion brand Chloe was being featured in Harper's Bazaar and I was asked to come up with a creative concept for the shoot.  I had always loved the botanical gardens at the Zoo in Saigon.  They are obviously full of tropical plants so it is very easy to get lost in an environment like that.  The new Chloe collection incorporated a lot of Earth tones and the fabrics that were very light in weight and full of texture.  When I suggested the botanical garden I was met with apprehension from the editor.  When it comes to the city of Saigon, the locals do not see their everyday surroundings in the way that I do.  I assured the magazine that the botanical garden would offer an amazing environment for the story.  I had the photographer use one of my camera tricks to make the images seem very angelic and fantasy like.  The effect worked out very well and created an environment that was like a magical, tropical wonderland.  Sometimes you have to use a fresh set of eyes to see the beauty that surrounds you.

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