Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Art of Lashes: Creative direction and photography for Harper's Bazaar

This beauty story for Harper's Bazaar was a real treat!  Not only did I get to do some very creative makeup styles but I was also able to incorporate some really amazing, custom made leather accessories by designer Bao Tranchi.  The concept for this shoot was to create makeup looks that were centered around some very unique lashes.  It was meant to be more artistic than a "ready to wear" kind of makeup design.  Sometimes, with a beauty story, it is not so much about a complete makeup look that a reader can simply replicate and walk out the door with.  When I work in beauty and want to create something really unique, my end goal is to focus more on the artistry of the overall look.  Special attention should be brought to the architectural lines, color combinations, and blending. In the end, with a shoot like this, the reader should have a better understanding of how the individual details mesh together and appreciate them on an artistic level.  It should inspire someone to try out a new color or to take a chance with a bold eye liner and then incorporate them into their daily life.

Special thanks to Make Up For Ever for the lashes

Check out the BTS video at the end.

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