Sunday, April 13, 2014

Esquire: A Woman We Love- Ngo Thanh Van

One of my first jobs for Esquire magazine was to shoot and direct a section called "A Woman We Love" featuring Ngo Than Van.  She is one of Vietnam's most loved actresses and revered in the movie industry.  I had worked with her once before and we got along very well, so the fact that we were working together again made it easier.  The important part of this shoot was to take Van into a new direction and create sexy photos that were glamorous and in good taste.  Bringing an American style to the imagery, I chose to have the shoot at a very traditional hotel in the city and make everything very backlit to create a fake sun coming in through the window.  As expected, Van was fearless and worked very diligently to bring an emotional feeling to the pictures.  The end results were not only striking but extremely sexy; definitely a new direction for her.

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