Thursday, April 17, 2014

Editorial for Dep Magazine

This editorial was a collaborative effort between Dep magazine, myself and the amazing designer Bao Tranchi.  Dep is a local fashion magazine here in Vietnam and is incredibly creative and well made.  The idea was to combine Chanel pieces from their pre-fall 2013 collection with some of the costumes from the movie Lua Phat.  Because the Chanel collection was celtic inspired, it went very nicely with the armor and leather pieces all which were from the mind of designer Bao Tranchi.  Ngo Thanh Van agreed to appear in the editorial as most of the outfits were designed for her.  Because there was a scene in the movie with a circus, we hired some performers to eat snakes and breathe fire, none of which was really safe.  Fire breathers here just have a bottle full of kerosene that they spit to create an intensely heated fireball!

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