Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cosmopolitan Cover Story: Yen Trang

For the cover story of the May issue of Cosmo I had the pleasure of shooting Yen Trang, one of Vietnam's most popular singers!  She has a history in the music scene here but as of recent has wanted to update her image.  As she has grown and matured it has become apparent that her look needed to be fresh and youthful, while at the same time being sexy and fun.  Cosmo prides itself on being a magazine to showcase the "Fun, Fearless, Female" as is their slogan.  Yen Trang was very professional and we went through an entire wardrobe to find the right look for her.  The result was a great transition from cute, young singer to mature, sexy musician.

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  1. Yến Trang có một vẻ đẹp rất gần gũi và sang trọng <3