Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blossom: Creative direction for Harper's Bazaar

With spring around the corner, Bazaar asked me to create a fashion concept that would reflect the floral patterns of the newest seasonal trends.  I came up with this idea after seeing a wall of roses for one of the Tet or Chinese New Year displays at the local markets.  After going over a bunch of drawings and schematics on how to recreate the idea, I was made aware of a wedding photo studio 30 minutes out side of the city.  It encompassed the top floor of the high-rise and had windows circling the entire place.  There were many different sets built for the sole purpose of wedding and engagements photos.  To make everything have a more ethereal and bright feel to the image, and downplay the wedding aspect, I asked the photographer to overexpose the background and simply illuminate from the front with a fill light.  The team moved around the props furiously as each shot was put together very quickly.  With only 5 hours of rental on the studio, had to finish fast.  The results were stellar!

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