Thursday, March 20, 2014

Esquire cover story featuring Dustin Nguyen!

One of my first assignments when I became the creative director at Esquire was to shoot a cover story about my good friend Dustin Nguyen.  Dustin is definitely a true professional and to me, from my experience with celebrities in Los Angeles, it was evident that everything had to be ready to go on the shoot day without any delay or complications.  The concept was very simple being that Dustin was moving into more or a directorial position with his first film, Lua Phat, opening here in Vietnam.  We made sure to go with a much more classic, and well dressed look for Dustin utilizing some suits by Calvin Klein.  Once Dustin entered the studio, any worries were put at ease as he and I get along very well.  I made sure to keep the shoot moving and we did a lot of variations with him.  The main one being the use of the megaphone as a prop, a director's staple tool.  Later in the day I felt that we had exhausted that option so I looked around for something else.  I found the fire extinguisher in the hallway and thought it was the perfect metaphor for being a director in Vietnam as you are always "putting out fires."  The fact it was the type of extinguisher that I had never seen made it even more unique of a prop.  The images were like nothing Dustin had even taken before which is what I strive to create when doing portraits; capturing a side of a person that nobody else can unlock.  This cover was selected by Hearst International when they had their Esquire annual event as one of the best this year!


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