Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beauty story in Beauty Etc. Magazine!

Beauty Etc picked up one of my beauty stories for their spring issue.  Beauty Etc has some really great artists in the magazine so it is an honor to be amongst them!  This was a Blade Runner inspired shoot for the spring issue.  I marveled at the huge, lit billboards in the movie, which was the inspiration for the set.  Leibi Carias took it to the next level with her Makeup and Sienree Du did a really gravity defying job on the sleek hair.  Ashton Michael was the brainchild behind most of the outfits.  Can you see those nails!?  Naja, you are really amazing!

Makeup:  Leibi Carias
Hair:  Sienree Du
Nails:  Naja
Wardrobe:  Ashton Michael